Administrative goals for Majlis Ansarullah

Qā’id Umumi Increase Ansār attendance in general monthly meetings, ensure all meetings are held on a regular basis.
Qā’id Publication (Ishaat) Publish monthly e-newsletter, quarterly newsletter, and bi-annual Ansarullah magazine. Maintain web site and Twitter Account.
Qā’id Tajnid Verify contact infromation of members and update changes in mailing address, phone, email etc. of 100% of Tajnid.
Qā’id Māl Increase number of chanda paying members to 95% of Tajnid
Qā’id Tehrīk Jadīd Increase Ansar participation to 90% in Tehrīk Jadīd
Qā’id Waqf Jadīd Increase Ansār participants to 90% in Waqf Jadid
Qā’id Tarbiyat Encourage 50% of Ansar to join congregational prayers every week at home, Salat Center or Mosque. 100% regular in five daily prayers, and Friday Prayers. Ensure accurate reporting for 100% of Tajnid.
Qā’id Ta’līm 25% participation from all individual Majlis in quarterly tests. 50 total national participation. Create and distribute annual Syllabus and Tests, ensure membership reads the prescribed books for the year.
Qā’id Ta’līmul Qur’ān 75% of the Ansar recite the Holy Quran daily. 5 Ansar for Waqf e Aarzi scheme trip to Spain (once approved)
Qā’id Tarbiyat Nau Mubā’i’īn All Nau Mubā’i’īn attend National Jalsa Salana, National Majlis Ansarullah Ijtema, and Annual Nau Maubain Event.
Qā’id Tāblīgh Distribution of 100,000 leaflets, Annual Peace Conference, Regional Peace Conference, and 2 book stalls per Majlis annually.
Qā’id Ithar Involve all Majalis in Ithar activities. Organise National Charity Walk.
Qā’id Health Motivate 25% of Ansars to adopt Regular Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle
Auditor Complete Annual National Audit, Audit all Majālis
Regional Nazime Ala Visit every Majlis in the region twice a year