Foreign Tour 2016

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The annual Foreign Trip of Majlis Ansarullah Nederland for the year 2016 was organized form October 5th to October 9th 2016, and 12 people joined this visit including 10 Ansar and 2 Khuddam. The group travelled together in 3 cars.

Allah blessed the trip with fine weather and the trip included covered three countries including Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Naseer Ahmad Tahir sahib, Naib Sadr Awal was nominated as “Ameer Kafila” by Sadr Majlis in his absence.


This year during the annual Ijtema of Majlis Ansarullah a survey was conducted about a foreign trip, in which many Ansar brothers demonstrated a keen interest in making a visit to Scandinavian countries, after the approval of Majlis Amila and Sadr sahib Majlis Ansarullah Nederland a letter was written to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih for prayers, Huzur granted permission for this visit.

In regard to this travel three cars were rented and some refreshment and on way items were purchased, in coordination with Amir sahib Germany, Denmark and Sweden all logistic and matter related to accommodation were accomplished. An informative folder was also prepared with regards to this visit.

First day

On 5th October, the first day of travel all Ansar from different cities of Nederland assembled at 0800 hours upon a decided meeting point of Deventer. After light refreshments, the team was briefed and the purpose of this visit was detailed and members were requested for cooperation by the Amir Kafila, after which the journey commenced with silent prayers.

The group left Deventer at 0840 for Hamburg and arrived at destination at 1300, the Bait ur Rasheed Hamburg, after Zuhr and Asar and lunch the group left for visiting the city, local Jama’at assisted the group by volunteering a guide for the city tour, first city center was visited which is located around to a beautiful lake, walking between the middle of city the group reached the river, it was a beautiful scene with a great number of tourists. All Ansar appreciated this tourist point because of its nature and beauty.

After enjoying this beautiful creation of Allah, the group walked back in the city and to an ice cream parlor, which is owned by an Ahmadi friend, this friend served us with great hospitality and the one of the most delicious ice creams. After which the group walked towards Ahmadiyya Mosque “Nusrat Jehan” Mosque, this was the first built mosque in Hamburg, here the Maghrib and Isha prayers were performed and which the group walk back to “Bait-ur-Rasheed” Hamburg as the overnight stay arrangements were made available here by local Jama’at.

Second day

Thursday the 6th October after breakfast the group left “Bait ur Rasheed” Hamburg for Copenhagen. During this phase of travel the group stops at two points and reached the town of Odense, after which we travelled past the “Big Bridge” which is approximately 18 kilometers long, after travelling across beautiful scenery and green countryside we reached Masjid “Nusrat Jehan” Copenhagen, respected Amir sahib Denmark greeted the group upon arrival at Masjid “Nusrat Jehan” after prayers and enjoying a very delicious meal. Amir sahib guided us on a tour of the Mission house, MashAllah it’s a beautifully made and managed Mission house.

After this, the group left for the visit of city, various parts were included in this city tour the group also have a walk on the river side which is beautiful place, group also visited the Palace of the Queen of Denmark and witness the “change of guard ceremony”.

After dinner, the group begin its travel towards the Swedish city of Malmo and reached there at around 2200 as per the scheduled program. The group stayed a night at the location.

Third day

The third day was Friday, and after prayers an d breakfast we left for sightseeing Malmo city center. Malmo is situated alongside the sea and is not a big city. There are wide roads with fewer people and many beautiful parks. First of all we visited a place known as Luftkastellet , which is a high plain beside the sea beach, one can witness the city of Copenhagen-Denmark clearly, also the “Big Bridge” which joins Denmark and Sweden over the sea is also very clearly visible from this point.

After visiting various parts of the city, the group arrived at Masjid “Nusrat Jehan” after lunch Friday prayers were performed, the group left for the city center again and arrive at the Turning Torso, a very unique and the highest building of Malmo city. Near this building lies a beautiful stretch of beach, the group took a walk on the stretch and praise Allah for His creation.

Fourth day

Saturday, October 8th was the fourth day of this five day foreign tour of Majlis Ansarullah Nederland and the group started its return journey. After breakfast at 0800 hours Missionary sahib led the group in silent prayers, after which a photo session took place.

The distance between Malmo and Copenhagen is approximately 50 kilometers and there is sea between the two countries. To join both countries there is big bridge built and in way is also a tunnel. Bridge is made in a fashion that there is a train track in the middle of motor vehicle tracks, while crossing the bridge one can witness Copenhagen on one end and Malmo city on the other end.  On the day of our crossing this bridge it was a beautiful weather and all members of group enjoyed this crossing.

About 1000 the group arrived in Copenhagen, first we departed to view a museum with an exhibition of “Islamic Art” in this museum has a big collection of Islamic history. Visiting numerous parts of the city we reached the mission house for the Zohar and Asr prayers. After the prayers Amir sahib Denmark had organized a lunch in honor of the group in a restaurant. After lunch Amir sahib offer the group with some recommendations and instructions under the teachings of Islam and Ahmadiyyat.

Amir sahib lead the group in silent prayer after which the group started its travel to Hamburg- Germany at about 1600 and with mercy Allah (SWT) the group reaches safely at mission house Hamburg at 2100 hours, our overnight facilities were arranged here by the Jama’at Ahmadiyya Germany.

Fifth day

The group started its last leg of journey back to Nederland at 0900 hours. After a travel of approximately three hours, the group stopped at a resting point developed aside a petrol station in the German city of Osnabruck. This point was also our last conference point, over a cup of coffee and tea the group discussed their experiences during this travel, the group leader thanked all the Ansar and present Khuddam for their teamwork, support and presence. About at 1300 hours the journey back to home commenced from the city of Osnabruck – Germany, once in Nederland all three cars split in different directions to drop the participants at different locations, and Ansar driving the cars meet again at Schiphol Airport and the cars were returned to the rental agency from where they were rented, and with this this “Foreign Trip” came to a successful end, Alhamdulillah.

Closing remarks

Alhamdulillah! with the guidance of Sadr sahib Majlis Ansarullah Nederland and along with the prayers of Khalifatul Masih , this Foreign Visit was safe and without any complications, all members remained safe and healthy, all members increased their knowledge, during this visit the group open heartedly made use of cameras and make many beautiful photos and this has become a part of the history of Majlis Ansarullah Nederland. During this travel members of group also get opportunity to perform Nawafil in the mosques of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmo. May Allah bless everyone to benefit from this trip.

About Hamburg

Hamburg officially Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg[5] (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg), is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest city in the European Union. It is the second smallest German state by area. Its population is over 1.7 million people, and the city is situated on the river Elbe.

Baitul Rasheed – Hamburg Germany

This mosque was inaugurated by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih the 5th, on his tour to Germany on the 5th of December 2012 in Hamburg Germany.

Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. It has a municipal population of 591,481 and a larger urban population of 1,280,371, with a Density of  7,000/km2 The city is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand; another small portion of the city is located on Amager, and is separated from Malmö, Sweden, by the strait of Øresund. The Øresund Bridge connects the two cities by rail and road. Copenhagen is located partly on the island of Zealand and partly on the island of Amager. Right in the center is the Folketing (Danish Parliament) and the cathedral Vor Frue Kirke

Ahmadiyyat in Scandinavia

Ahmadiyya efforts in Scandinavia began in the 1950s, when an Ahmadi Muslim missionary, Kamal Yousuf sahib, originally from Pakistan, was appointed to open Ahmadiyya missions in the region. Although Kamal Yousuf sahib was primarily based in Sweden, he first toured Denmark in 1956, in 1974, the Community was recognized as the first Muslim community of Denmark.

Nusrat Jahan Mosque

In 1967, Ahmadi Muslims built Denmark’s first mosque, in Hvidovre, on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The Nusrat Jahan Mosque was financed solely by female members of the Community.

Malmö – Sweden

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and the 6th largest in the Nordic countries. Malmö is also the most populous city in Scania and is the economical and cultural centre of South Sweden. The administrative entity for most of the city is Malmö Municipality which, has land area of 156.9 km2 with 324,908 inhabitants in eight different localities.

Mahmud Mosque Malmö, Sweden

Mahmud Mosque, located in Malmo, Sweden was opened in 13 May 2016 with a capacity of 300 people. The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Mahmood Mosque on 12th April 2014 in Malmö, Sweden. This mosque was inaugurated by his Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad on his Scandinavian Tour 2016, on the 13th of May 2016.







Majlis Ansarullah Refresher Course

Report Refresher Course 2017 Majlis Ansarullah The Netherlands

By the grace of Allah, Majlis Ansarullah The Netherlands was able to conduct a Refresher Course for Za’uma Majalis and A’amla local Majalis on Sunday the 29th January. Alhamdolillah! Refresher Course was presided by Mirza Fakhar Ahmad Sahib, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Netherlands. 32 members participated including Za’uma Majalis, A’amila local Majalis and National Majlis-e-A’amila.

In his address,Sadr Sahib mentioned the Annual Programme 2017 after greeting all participants. He said that all programmes are made according to the sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and (sayings of) Hadhrat Masih-e-Maud (A.S) and (sayings of) Khulafa.

“The key aim of every office bearer is to serve Islam Ahmadiyyat as a helper of God Almighty. Present yourself as a role model. Every member should try to overcome the shortcomings of last year in this new year and pray that Allah may enable us to serve Islam Ahmadiyyat in complete obedience of Khalifa of the time and according to his wishes.”

Different presentations were given by National Quaideen, in which they presented the framework for the year. This year, an administrative handbook has been given to Za’uma Majalis. Different questions were answered related to different topics. Naib Sadr Saf Doom Daud Akmal Sahib delivered a speech on the topic of Annual Programme 2017 and our responsibilities. Naib Sadr Awwal Naseer Ahmad Tahir sahib instructed the attendees by presenting a Hadith and answered the questions about different problems in Majalis.

At the end, Sadr Majlis thanked every member for sacrificing their time and instructed them to build a strong bond with Khilafat. He explained about Ansarullah’s role in collecting funds for Baitul Affiyat, He also requested all to pray for a successful new year. May Allah enable us to serve in a better way. Ameen.

The meeting ended with silent prayer.

Nazir Ahmad Awan
Quaid Amoomi
Majlis Ansarullah the Netherlands


A report in Urdu can be viewed here: Report R.C 2017 Urdu

Korte introductie Tehreek e Jadeed

Het gezegende plan van Tehreek e Jadeed werd aangekondigd in drie vrijdagtoespraken van Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) op 23 en 30 november en 27 december 1934. Aanvankelijk was het de bedoeling dat het plan voor een periode van drie jaar, dan tien jaar, en dan negentien jaar zou gelden, maar in 1953 werd het plan permanent gemaakt. Het doel van het Tehreek e Jadeed-plan was de verspreiding van de boodschap van Ahmadiyyat over de wereld. Gedurende een periode van ongeveer 83 jaar hebben de fondsen die door Tehreek e Jadeed zijn verzameld heeft het mede mogelijk gemaakt om de Jamaat in meer dan 200 landen te stichten. Hiernaast door deze fondsen zijn moskeeën en centra gebouwd. Vertalingen van de Heilige Koran en de geschriften van de Beloofde Messias (as) te publiceren en vele waqifin-e-zindagi in het buitenland in staat te stellen om de boodschap van de Islam en Ahmadiyyat te verspreiden.

Na de scheiding van India en Pakistan in 1947 was Tehreek e Jadeed Anjuman Qadian in India even actief als in de tijd vóór de scheiding, maar Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) richtte na de scheiding in Pakistan de Tehreek e Jadeed Anjuman Ahmadiyya Rabwah Pakistan op. Deze Anjuman is verantwoordelijk voor Tabligh en Isha’at in de gehele wereld, behalve in India. Voor deze Tehreek e Jadeed wordt een speciale chanda verzameld met de naam Chanda Tehreek e Jadeed.

Voor de zaak van Tehreek e Jadeed moeten speciale gebeden worden gezegd.

Het jaar van Tehreek e Jadeed begint in november en eindigt in oktober en het is traditie in de djamaat dat Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (atba) in november het nieuwe jaar van Tehreek e Jadeed aankondigt.

Zoals jullie weten is het de gezegende maand Ramadan. Als traditiegetrouw wij in deze maand proberen 100% van onze beloftes te betalen zodat de namen mee gaan in de lijsten naar Hazoor (aba) voor speciale gebed voor deze leden.

Vandaar Ik wil u verzoeken om uw beloftes in deze maand te voldoen.

Het Belang van de Heilige Maand Ramadan

Volgens berekening van wetenschappelijke instituten zou in Nederland, de nieuwe maan, in de vorm van een hele dunne sikkel, op zaterdag 27 mei waarneembaar zijn. Dit betekent dat de daarop volgende dag (28 mei) de Ramadan dus moet beginnen. Vele moslims volgen helaas de berekeningen van hun vaderland of van Saoedi-Arabië, wat de oorzaak is van verschillen. Aangezien de Islam een godsdienst voor de hele wereld is, moet de moslim zich oriënteren op de nieuwe maan in het land waarin hij zich bevindt.

De heilige maand Ramadan zal dus op zondag 28 mei beginnen. De periode van het dagelijkse vasten strekt zich uit van de eerste tekenen van het aanbreken van de dageraad, normaliter ongeveer een uur en een kwartier vóór zonsopgang, tot aan zonsondergang. Gedurende deze periode mogen noch voedsel, noch drank de lippen passeren van iemand die vast. Het vasten treft men in de meeste godsdiensten aan.

Waarom wordt de vastenmaand “Ramadan” genoemd? Ramadan is de meervoudsvorm van “Ramd”, wat hitte betekent.

  • Door te vasten in deze maand wordt er een heet en branderig gevoel veroorzaakt. Dit gevoel is toe te schrijven aan de dorst.
  • Aanbidding en toewijding in deze maand brandt de sporen van zonde in de mens weg.
  • Zijn toewijdingen produceren in het hart van de mens de benodigde warmte van de liefde voor Zijn Schepper en Zijn schepselen.

Hoewel de normale activiteiten en bezigheden als gebruikelijk doorgaan, wordt de nadruk op morele en geestelijke waarden intensiever benadrukt en wordt alles ondergeschikt aan dit hoofddoel. Het gehoor, het zien, de tong, de gedachten, staan alle onder een striktere controle.

Het ware doel van de Ramadan is de mensen dichter tot Allah te brengen en hen aan te moedigen om voort te gaan op het pad van rechtschapenheid.

  • Alle mensen, rijk of arm, zijn gelijk in de ogen van Allah. Zonder uitzondering zijn zij allen gebonden om de bevelen van de Schepper in acht te nemen. Daarom zullen zij dan ook elkaar als broeders en zusters beschouwen.
  • Wanneer een rijk persoon door vasten de kwellingen van honger en dorst ervaart, zal hij beter de toestand begrijpen waarin de armen en de wezen zich bevinden. Zij krijgen zelden de kans zich vol te eten. Hierdoor zal hij er eerder toe komen hun tenminste van de allernoodzakelijkste levensbehoeften te voorzien.
  • Iemand die zich onthoudt van het toegestane, zoals eten en drinken, zal zich ook gemakkelijker afwenden van de dingen die Allah hem verboden heeft. Zo verkrijgt men dus door vasten meer zelfcontrole terwijl ook de wilskracht hierdoor wordt versterkt.

De Heilige Profeet Mohammad (v.z.m.h.) heeft gezegd:

“Hij die gedurende de periode van het vasten afziet van voedsel en drank, maar zich niet onthoudt van leugens, ondergaat honger en dorst voor geen enkel doel.”

De Heilige Profeet Mohammad (v.z.m.h.) heeft ook gezegd:

“Er is een toepasselijke geestelijke beloning voor alle aanbidding en alle oprechte daden; de uiteindelijke beloning voor hen die het vasten uitsluitend houdt om het welbehagen van Allah te winnen, is Allah Zelf.”

De Beloofde Messias en Mahdi, Stichter van de Ahmadiyya Moslim Gemeenschap, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad uit Qadian heeft gezegd:

“Mensen die alleen voor God vasten en dit niet slechts uit gewoonte of traditie doen, moeten zich blijven verdiepen in de lof en verheerlijking van God en in zelfanalyse zodat hen het andere soort voedsel wordt gegeven…” (geestelijk voedsel).

Wij wensen iedereen een gezegende Ramadan.

Peace Conference 2016

On 18 November 2016, Majlis Ansarullah Nederland (Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association) organized its annual “Peace Conference”. The event was held at the Mubarak Mosque in The Hague, Nederland with an audience of more than 100 people, including more than 45 external guests comprising members of NGO’s, the mosque, synagogue, church, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh temples and various other dignitaries and guests. The theme of this year’s Peace Conference was “Perspective of Peace in Faith”.

The Peace Conference was Chaired by Dhr. Hibatun Noer Verhagen, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the Netherlands. The speakers were drawn from the six major practiced faiths in The Netherlands.

Dhr. Zubair Akmal moderated the Conference, introducing the efforts of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International he said “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community worldwide continues to engage all faith groups to find means to achieve global peace. The conference today was a small step on our long journey towards that goal.

The Ahmadiyya community needs to be recognized for their commitment to peace between all religions. Today faith leaders from several mainstream religions joined hands today to find ways to achieve peace. Leaders representing the Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Islamic faiths all will highlight how religion can play a positive role in promoting peaceful co-existence, and increasing cohesion in the society.

Opening the Peace Conference Dhr. Mirza Fakhar Ahmad, the President Majlis Ansarullah Nederland highlighted the efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at international’s efforts with regards to peace. He introduced the Community, its founder the Promised Messiah (peace upon him), and read excerpts from speeches by His Holiness, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is the fifth and spiritual head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Community.

The first speaker of the Peace Conference was Mr. Dolf Langerhuizen from Roman Catholic Church who said people are mostly peaceful by nature, however it is always a small group of people who for their personal gains pollute the atmosphere of harmony and peace.

The second Speaker of the day was Mr. Arjinder Singh representing the Sikh Gemeenschap Nederland. He spoke about the Sikh religion and that is also in principal accepts all the religions of the world and teaches to live with peace among people of all faiths, it is merely a group of few people in almost every community who create differences among people for their worldly profits.

The Jewish view of peace was presented by Rabbi Harry Z. Knot as the third speaker representing Liberaal Joodse Gemeente. Rabbi Knot expounded the peaceful teachings of Judaism, and explained that the life of all prophets is full of making peace in their communities, so was the life of Prophet Moses (peace upon him) and the book of Torah, that he left behind for his people.

Pandit Avi Sharma of Lord Shiva Temple, Amsterdam representing the Hindu faith spoke how peace starts from one’s own home which takes small steps in neighborhood and moves to the city, country and world at large.

The last guest speaker was Dhr. Guan Her Ng of Fo Guang Shan’s Buddhist temple in The Hague who explained the importance of Peace in the Buddhist faith, he said:The Buddha saw that all people have a Buddha-nature and are interconnected. Also, that all things are impermanent and therefore in a circle of cause, condition, effect and result. Therefore, peace starts with oneself. Without being peaceful, how are you going to influence peace to your family, friends, colleagues, and the rest of the world?”

Islam was represented by the Moulana Hamid Karim Mahmud a missionary of the Ahmadiyya Moslem Community. He highlighted the teachings of Islam from the Holy Quran, Hadith, Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) and the Caliphs of Ahmadiyya in order to maintain Peace in the community, society and world at large.

The President of the Ahmadiyya Community in Netherlands concluded the event by appreciating the keen interest shown by all especially the guests, the organizing team. All speakers were presented with a bouquet of flowers and a gift as the symbol of gratitude on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association.

The last segment of this event was a panel discussion with the audience which generated such a great interest that the time was extended to almost one hour from 30 minutes. A documentary highlighting the World Tours of His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad was also shown and watched with great interest by all who were present.

The event was closed with the silent prayers, led by Missionary Naeem Ahmad Warraich of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in The Netherlands. The guests joined us for dinner at the conclusion of the event.